Saturday, April 30, 2016


Welcome to WriterSmith, my site for combining postings from other blogs. I am currently posting information on three different websites. One is dedicated to teaching history and one for promoting classical music. I also have a public Facebook page. All three sites contain information about what I publish under the aegis of Suncrest Publications

I am a teacher who is “harnessed to the humanities.” I am interested in a wide range of topics in the humanities and the art of teaching those topics. I will use this blog to repost what I have posted on my other sites, as well as provide new postings about subjects that don't conform to the focus of my other sites.

Classical Tyro: A Beginner’s Guide to Great Music

Why Teacher History: A Website for James L. Smith

Harnessed to the Humanities: A Public Facebook Page

Stay tuned for more information about the books I have published through Suncrest Publications.

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